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Driver For Flat Panel fixture.

About SEPICN LED Lighting info

SEPICN LED Lighting Driver For Flat Panel fixture provide the UFO style LED high bay and Internal driver led panel lights for
client’s new warehouse.

2X2 Flat Panel Light,5000K color temperature,only 30Watts,130lm/w.

100W UFO style LED high bay,5000K color temperature,125lm/w.

Client info: Holm Machinery Asia Co., Ltd.

Internal Driver For Flat Panel fixture

Product description:

Sepicn Driver For Flat Panel fixture is commercial electrical contractor source for LED Lighting and LED drivers. LED flat panel lights are perfect for indoor lighting. It is substitution of liner fluorescent in commercial, industrial buildings, offices and retail. DLC standard or premium are more money saving rebates. Flat Panel lights are also rated nearly 100,000 hours of free-maintenance operations. It means that your customer time can be put towards things that don’t involve maintenance.

How to install LED Flat panel lights:

LED panel ceiling lights are more popular, energy saver because LED ceiling panel light can make environment more soft and modern. Most of the place choose panel lamp such as meeting rooms, restaurants, hallways and lobbies. There are four ways installation of LED panel lights.

  1. Built in
  2. Recessed
  3. Mounted
  4. Suspended

LED crisp and and even white light can help and boost productivity by reducing headaches and eye stain, so employee likes flat panel light fixture. Everybody will love then because they don’t cost ten arms and a leg. In general flat panel are mostly edge-lit and can work very well. They are also very easy to clean and maintain.