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LED Retrofit kits


SEPICN LED Retrofit kits that replace the existing bulbs and ballast within an existing lighting fixtures. LED Retrofit kits could be fluorescent fixtures, halogen fixtures, metal halide fixtures and incandescent fixtures.

LED Retrofit Kits Cost Saving

USA reported that switching to LED light bulbs can help typical home save almost $1,000 over a 10 year period. LED is highly energy efficient lighting technology. Residential LED use almost 75% less energy and can last 25% more longer time than incandescent lighting.
Sepicn meets the growing demand for indoor and outdoor LED lighting applications. This helps save money, reducing maintenance cost and providing more appealing aesthetic to your home. Sepicn offering wide variety of supplies, kits and styles.

Replacing Old Can Lights with Retrofit Kits

Anybody want to swap out your old can lights with retrofit kits? Sepicn offers all-inclusive kits, complete with accessories and to make the task simpler than you think. Not only will you be saving money by eliminating the need for complete fixture installation but you’ll be benefiting from the ever increasing value of LED lighting efficiency.

Waterproof Kits for Bath and Kitchen

Retrofit kits that are waterproof are perfect for use in bathrooms and kitchens. LED lighting in your bathroom serves two purposes:

  1. Lighting for safety (where you step, for instance).
  2.  Lighting to create a spa-like aesthetic.

Retrofit dimmable LED lighting to give you control over the mood of the room from quiet and peaceful to bright and engaging. After all, lot of paperwork and homework get addressed in kitchens and dining areas. In today’s homes where there are many opportunities to open up the room, design task lighting for food prep and cooking and more.