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SEPICN LED Tube lights

About SEPICN LED Lighting info

Here is one client sent us these photos of SEPICN LED Tube lights.

3pcs SEPICN 18watts 48″ led tube lights (5000K color temperature), replacement for 4pcs fluorescent tubes.


LED Tube Lights




Type of Tube Light is Right for Your Application:

LED Tube lights have come done in the cost over the year, so you can buy them at similar price as fluorescent bulbs. Does that mean you should replace all your fluorescent tubes with LED tubes immediately? It’s not necessarily because LED last longer. This means that in the long run, low maintenance can come with a clear labor cost for switching installations. Fluorescent lighting has also made color rendering more efficient and better in recent years.

T8 LED Light Features:

Our LED tubes with aluminum case are designed to improve lighting experience in corporate buildings, offices and indoor spaces. We are top T8 LED Light fixture manufacturer, so we have designed modern LED products for USA market. Our products raise bar in term of performance, feature and lifespan. Please look at the unique features of T8 LED Lights from SEPICN.

  • T8 LED lights for sale are environmentally friendly and mercury-free, thus eliminating effective installation, removal and disposal.
  • T8 LED is a direct alternative to T8 linear fluorescent compatible with the retrofit G8 socket (R17D, FA8 available).
  • Single and Power Supply (Getty Bypass) provides anti-electric shock protection in our T8 LED light fixtures.
  • Internal constant current driver includes instant start / shut off mechanism with no heat time nor flickering. The senior LED’s T8 LED lights also protect against over-power, over-heat, power shortages, and over-generated circuitry.
  • Our T8 LED Light Fixtures (8W, 18W, 22W, and 24W) are built on Japanese Rubicon IC, with full protective measures that extend the lifespan of the product.

As one of the top T8 LED Retrofit Lights manufacturers, we provide high performance LED lighting products worldwide, including in the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, Middle East, and Asia. While we cater to the needs of T8 LED tubes of businesses and organizations around the world, we are also a supplier of Panasonic and Kodak Lighting USA, which means we ship millions of LED products every month. ۔ Sepicn LED provides OEM and ODM products and services to brands such as Home Depot.