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SEPICN LED Lighting 120 Watts LED Retrofit Kit For Parking Lot

About SEPICN LED Lighting info

SEPICN LED Lighting provide the high quality LED Retrofit Kit with TRUE Cree LEDs,and MEANWELL HLG driver.

Here is one project:client use the 120 watts led retrofit,replace the 400 watts metal halide bulb.


400 watts metal halide bulb:

Sepicn Metal Halide light bulbs feature high lumen output but excellent color performance. These light bulb is widely used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications where color rendering is important. Pulse start metal halide bulbs must be used in fixtures designed specifically for pulse start bulbs. This high intensity discharge (HID) metal halide light bulb is for use in enclosed fixtures only.

120w SEPICN LED retrofit kit:

Retrofit Kit

SEPICN 120W LED Retrofit Kit is designed to be a 400W Metal Halide LED Retrofit in your existing fixture with a simple but easy to perform retrofit process. 120W HID Retrofits are extremely energy efficient and are DLC Premium Qualified. DLC Premium Qualified meaning it meets higher lumen efficiency standards and outperforms those products that are only DLC Standard Qualified. These kits are 20-30% brighter than DLC Standard Kits.
More brighter,over 70% energy saving,and much more longer spanlife!

BRIGHT LIGHT -120 Watt has 16,200 Lumens and can replace a 320-400 watt Metal Halide but 1000W incandescent or 400W CFL. 5000K light color ensures a bright clear light. LED Retrofit Kits enable you to keep the fixture but save on energy costs and often get rebates. They come in ranges from 9900 Lumens (80 watts) up to 32,000 Lumens (240 watts) depending on your needs.