LED Retrofit Kits | 40W-240W


LED Retrofit Kit

The SEPICN LED Lighitng LED Retrofit Kit is designed to allow cost affordable conversion from MH/HPS/HID applications to  LED. They are the perfect tool for accessing the cost-savings and low maintenance of LED lighting, without replacing entire fixtures. Retrofit kits feature a compact size to fit into all types of existing fixtures include wall pack, flood  light boxes, Area Light, high-bay and Street light applications.

A cost-effective and long-term lighting solution, the SEPICN LED retrofit kit provides a 100,000+ hour lifespan and can replace 100watt-750watt HID light, significantly reducing your facility’s energy costs. the retrofit kit provides a 120 degree beam with a 4000K /5000K/5700K color temperature. To ensure your LEDs never overheat, the kit features Sunon fan technology that provides up to 70,000 hours of 24/7 operation.

Intended Applications

LED retrofit kits for conventional shoebox, cobra head, wall pack, canopy & high bay fixtures.

Construction & Materials

Heavy duty one-piece die cast aluminum heat sink

Professional and clean designed metal core printed circuit board (PCB)

Proven reliable Sunon® LED fan

Equipped with strain relief clamp to protect electrical cables and soldering points

Integral thermal control sensor which reduces drive current, when ambient temperatures exceeds rated temperature

Mounting & Warning

Horizontal mounting with “L” bracket | Or vertical mounting with “I” bracket | Or custom plate mounting with plate adaptor

Environmental System

Retrofit module inside of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures

Electrical System

External Mean Well LED driver ,Universal input voltage 120-277VAC (200-480VAC optional), 50/60Hz

Optical System

High performance Philips Lumileds LUXEON 3030 2D LED CHIP,High precision optics optional

Color temperature available in 5000K and 5500K,Minimum 50,000 hours life

Lighting Control

Available for special order, consult factory for lead time

can reduce power automatically when temperature over 90°,so as to protect the light

Longevity & Warranty

50,000 hours L70 lifetime,5 years warranty

Listing & Certificates

ETL and cETL

LED modules comply with IESNA LM-79 and LM-80 standards. DesignLights Consortium™ Qualified and classified for DLC Standard (some models are not DLC qualified), refer to www.designlights.org for details.

Ordering Info

Item No. Input Voltage Driver Type LED Type Wattage Typical Lumens Replacement of
(VAC) (Meanwell)  Philips Lumileds (W) (lm) HPS, MH, HID
HC-RKNT-40W 100-277 LPF-40-24 philips lumileds 40 5000 100W-175W
HC-RKNT-60W 100-277 LPF-60-24 philips lumileds 60 7500 200W-250W
HC-RKNT-60WH 280-480 HVG-65-24A philips lumileds 60 7500 200W-250W
HC-RKNT-80W 100-277 HLG-80H-24A philips lumileds 80 10000 250W-320W
HC-RKNT-100W 100-277 HLG-100H-24A philips lumileds 100 12500 400W
HC-RKNT-100WH 280-480 HVG-100-24A philips lumileds 100 12500 400W
HC-RKNT-120W 100-277 HLG-120H-24A philips lumileds 120 15000 400W
HC-RKNT-150W 100-277 HLG-150H-24A philips lumileds 150 18750 500W-600W
HC-RKNT-150WH 280-480 HVG-150-24A philips lumileds 150 18750 500W-600W
HC-RKNT-185W 100-277 HLG-185H-24A philips lumileds 185 23125 600W-700W
HC-RKNT-240W 100-277 HLG-240H-24A philips lumileds 240 30000 750W

Packing Info

Part No. Unit weight(kgs) Unit Box Size(mm) PCS/CTN G.W(kgs) Outbox Size(mm)
HC-RKNT-40W 2.5 292*195*90 6 15 400*300*280
HC-RKNT-60W 2.5 292*195*90 6 15 400*300*280
HC-RKNT-80W 2.6 292*195*90 6 15.6 400*300*280
HC-RKNT-100W 2.8 292*195*90 6 16.8 400*300*280
HC-RKNT-120W 2.8 292*195*90 6 16.8 400*300*280
HC-RKNT-150W 2.8 292*195*90 6 16.8 400*300*280
HC-RKNT-185W 3.1 292*195*90 6 18.6 400*300*280
HC-RKNT-240W 3.1 292*195*90 6 18.6 400*300*280