LED Tri-Proof Lights


LED Tri-Proof Light

Waterproof | Dustproof  | Moisture-proof  | Anti corrosion.

SEPICN LED Tri-Proof light is incredibly durable and has earned a high IP66 rating which means it can withstand dust, water, high pressure and corrosive substances.

With an IP66 rating this light is perfect for use on ceilings in Car Parks, Warehouses, Offices, Supermarkets, outdoor areas and school science laboratories.

This fixture has the same light output as a fluorescent tube twice its size whilst using much less energy, this is due to the highly efficient LED chips used. This fitting is easy to install by simply attaching it to the brackets provided and wiring it directly to the mains, this saves you money in installation costs as well as running costs.

* PC diffuser + Aluminum body

*Input voltage: 90-305VAC, 277-528VAC, DC12V/24V.

*IP66, waterproof + dustproof+ Moisture-proof + Anti corrosion.

*Available in 0~10 V / Triac / DALI dimming, emergency, motion sensor.

*High energy efficiency of 130 lumens/Watt means you get more light with less energy use.

*50,000-hour average operating life significantly reduces the frequency of lamp replacements.

*Support wiring from side, back, play-and-plug, or cable self-mounted.

*Support ceiling, wall mounted, suspended installation.

*Vapor tight/tri-proof enclosure protects against dust, water jets, and corrosion.

*5-year warranty.

*Common applications: workshops, car wash bays, parking garages, corridors, breweries, laundries, refrigerated storage, industrial kitchens, grain silos, barns, and an enormous number of other industrial, commercial, farming, and manufacturing applications.

*Certification: ETL cETL

*LED modules comply with IESNA LM-79 and LM-80 standards. DesignLights Consortium™ Qualified and classified for DLC Standard (some models are not DLC qualified), refer to www.designlights.org for details.

Ordering Info

MODEL  POWER LEDS 3000K 5000K Beam Angle Driver Motion Sensor Dimmable Optional
HC-TF-2FT-30W 30W SMD2835 3422lms 3541lms 120 HE30WU-01 NO NO *Motion Sensor is optional

*Dimmable is optional

*Linkable is optional

*X means Microwave montion sensor

HC-TF-4FT-30W 30W SMD2835 3702lms 3781lms 120 HE30WU-01 NO NO
HC-TF-4FT-60W 60W SMD2835 7170lms 7332lms 120 HE72WU-01 NO NO
HC-TF-4FT-100W 100W SMD2835 11249lms 12253lms 120 2XHE72WU-01 NO NO
HC-TF-2FT-30W-X 30W SMD2835 3137.7lms 3541lms 120 PDU28D-40 YES YES
HC-TF-4FT-30W-X 30W SMD2835 3336.2lms 3781lms 120 PDU28D-40 YES YES
HC-TF-4FT-60W-X 60W SMD2835 6581lms 7332lms 120 PDU60D-40 YES YES
HC-TF-4FT-100W-X 100W SMD2835 10896lms 12253lms 120 2XPDU60D-40 YES YES

Packing Info

Model Unit Box Size (mm) Unit Weight(kgs) PCS/CTN G.W.(kgs) Outer Box(mm)
HC-TF-2FT-30W 650*115*105 1.5 6 10 670X247X335
HC-TF-4FT-30W 1250*115*105 3.1 6 20 1270X247X335
HC-TF-4FT-60W 1250*115*105 3.3 6 21 1270X247X335
HC-TF-4FT-100W 1250*115*105 3.5 6 22 1270X247X335