Type B T8 Tube | Bypass Ballast



SEPICN Type B LED Tubes is designed to replace T8/T12 fluorescent tube lights to significantly lower energy and maintenance costs while enhancing the quality of light in work environments and living spaces.Ideal for recessed troffers, wrap fixtures, under cabinet fixtures, sealed fixtures, deep cell troffers, and stripop fixtures.SEPICN Type B LED Tubes, the ballasts are removed from the fixture or bypassed, and the sockets are wired directly to the line voltage. With single-end wired Type B tubes, one socket end has the line voltage and the other end is there to hold the lamp in place. Many fluorescent fixtures have shunted sockets, so often times you will need to replace the line voltage socket to a non-shunted socket with single-ended tubes.


Lightweight Aluminum heat sink housing provides strength and Durability

Shatterproof Design

Suitable for use with non-shunted sockets


Input Voltage:100-277V AC,50/60HZ

Power Factor:>0.95

Power Efficiency:>88%


SEPICN T8  Tubes are cETLus listed for damp locations -20°C – 55°C ambient environments

LED modules comply with IESNA LM-79 and LM-80 standards.

DesignLights Consortium™ Qualified and classified for DLC Standard (some models are not DLC qualified),

refer to www.designlights.org for details.

No power loss

Unlike Type A+b bulbs, these LEDs are more efficient, since no power is wasted in the ballast.

Less long term maintenance costs

By eliminating the ballast you have one less part to maintain in the future.


Type B has the most options in terms of bulb length (2ft /4ft/ 8ft) and assortment of wattage/lumen packages, specifically for the 4ft options.

Electrical modifications are required

Modifications include removing the ballasts, replacing the sockets (possibly), and connecting fixture input wires to the sockets. Strict safety measures are necessary as installers could be exposed to main voltage while connecting sockets to power wires.


Model Size Input Watt LEDS Efficacy Delivered Lumens Beam Angle
HC-T8-2FT-10W-ID 2FT 10W SMD2835 120lumen/w 1200lumens 120°
HC-T8-3FT-14W-ID 3FT 14W SMD2835 120lumen/w 1680lumens 120°
HC-T8C-4FT-16W-ID 4FT 16W SMD2835 120lumen/w 1920lumens 120°
HC-T8-4FT-18W-ID 4FT 18W SMD2835 120lumen/w 2160lumens 120°
HC-T8-4FT-13W-ID 4FT 13W SMD2835 130lumen/w 1690lumens 120°
HC-T8-4FT-22W-ID 4FT 22W SMD2835 120lumen/w 2640lumens 120°
HC-T8-8FT-36W-ID 8FT 36W SMD2835 120lumen/w 4320lumens 120°


Model Unit weight(KGS) PCS/CTN G.W.(KGS) Size(MM)
2FT 0.4 25 9 650*220*220mm
3FT 0.56 25 12 950*220*220mm
4FT 0.68 25 16 1270*240*240mm
5FT 0.88 25 20 1550*220*220mm
6FT 1.08 25 25 1850*220*220mm
8FT 1.44 15 19 245*225*155mm

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